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Silver Trading Company LLC

Larry LaBorde founded Silver Trading Company LLC in 2001 after becoming interested in gold and silver as investments. The closely held firm delivers high volume, investment grade gold, silver, platinum and palladium to private and corporate clients around the world.

Larry and his small staff take pride in offering very competitive commissions and fees and in delivering warm, friendly service that is attentive, respectful and discreet. We have found that a little Southern hospitality goes a long way. We welcome and are grateful for your business.

We are very pleased to have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Larry LaBorde


Larry LaBorde

Larry’s interest in precious metals originated at age eight, when he made his first trade after learning that the new 1965 coins were made with far lower silver content than earlier coins. He promptly exchanged new coins for older, more valuable coins that he gathered from the tellers at the bank where his dad was a board member and from the lunch ladies at school. He was thrilled at having spotted such a rich opportunity because of a stupid move by the government, and his fate as a metals broker was sealed.

In high school, recruiters from MIT and the Naval Academy came calling, but Larry had already made the decision to marry his sweetheart and follow in his father’s footsteps in the water well drilling business, so he went to Louisiana Tech University and trained as a civil engineer. After college, he returned to Shreveport and took over operations of the family business. He is active, along with his four brothers, in both the water well drilling business started by his father and a water well supply business.

Larry enjoys traveling with his wife of 35 years and racing dinghy-sized sailboats. He is active in the Shreveport Lions Club and the McNeill Street Pump Station preservation effort. An avid student of monetary history and U.S. history and politics, he is the author of Libertorn: Hope and Heartache for America’s Future (in press).

Larry and his wife, the lovely Miss Puddy, have two grown children and live in Shreveport, Louisiana (USA) with Gracie, a border collie who likes to bark at the second hand of the wall clock, and Abbie, a golden retriever who looks sweet and innocent in between stealing treats. When not traveling, studying or playing with the dogs, Larry occasionally goes on mini-adventures with Miss Puddy to do things like jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

Speaking engagements

Larry frequently speaks to business and civic groups about monetary history, fiat currency and related issues. To inquire about having Larry speak at your event, please email him at llabord@gmail.com.

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