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American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin_1oz_obverse
American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin

Uniquely, the American Eagle Gold Coin is the only gold bullion coin the weight, content and purity of which is guaranteed by the United States government. Requiring no assaying, American Eagles are easily converted to cash at any time. And by law, only gold mined in the United States is used in the minting of American Gold Eagles. Authorized ...   Read More

American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin

To meet the demand of investors who seek the purest investment gold possible, the United States Mint issued a one ounce, .9999 fine, 24 Karat, legal tender $50 face valued gold bullion coin, the American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin. Based on the classic 1913 “Buffalo nickel” designed by renowned sculptor James Earle Fraser, the obverse features a ....  Read More

South African Krugerrand Gold Coin_1 oz_obverse_DillonGage
South African Krugerrand Gold Bullion Coin

The Krugerrand from South Africa, first minted in 1967, became the first gold coin to contain precisely one ounce of fine gold. The coin was created with the intent of providing a vehicle for the private ownership of gold. By bestowing legal tender status upon the coin, the gold Krugerrand could be owned by citizens of the United States, who at ...  Read More

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin_1oz_reverse_DillonGage (2)
Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

The official gold bullion coin of Canada, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf became the world’s first pure gold bullion coin when it was introduced in 1979. It has become the preferred coin for many investors around the world today. Minted without the use of any strengthening alloys, the Gold Maple Leaf retains its pristine 99.99% purity, a ...  Read More

Austrian 100 Corona Gold Bullion Coin

From 1908 to 1914, Austria produced a large gold coin, the One Hundred Corona, each bearing its date of issue. After the death of Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria, in 1916, official restrikes were issued as commemorative pieces, all bearing the date 1915. (A restrike is an official reproduction of a coin that once was minted for circulation.) Austrian 100...  Read More

Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin

Minted in Vienna at the historic Austrian Mint, which has produced exceptional gold coins for more than 800 years, the Philharmonic is one of the most gorgeous and desirable of all modern gold bullion coins. The world’s best selling Gold coin in 1992, 1995, 1996, the Philharmonic is struck in 999.9 fine gold. This impressive coin honors the internationally ...   Read More

Mexican 50 Peso Gold Bullion Coin (Centenario)

The Mexican 50 Peso Gold Bullion Coin, also known as the Centenario, was coined in 1921 as hard currency to commemorate the first 100 years (centennial) of the Mexican Independence. In 1931, coinage was discontinued. It started again in 1943, however, due to the increasing demand for gold coins prevailing at that time. The obverse ...   Read More

British Sovereign Gold Bullion Coin (Georges)

Silver Trading Company is pleased to offer British Sovereign Gold Coins, sometimes referred to as “Kings.” They are nickel-size 22 karat gold bullion coins that were struck worldwide at the height of the British Empire.
First introduced in 1816, the British Sovereign Gold Coin came to be the world’s most widely distributed gold ...   Read More

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