Austrian 100 Corona Gold Bullion Coin


From 1908 to 1914, Austria produced a large gold coin, the One Hundred Corona, each bearing its date of issue. After the death of Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria, in 1916, official restrikes were issued as commemorative pieces, all bearing the date 1915. (A restrike is an official reproduction of a coin that once was minted for circulation.)

Austrian 100 Coronas were among the first gold bullion coins available when Americans regained the right to own gold bullion on December 31, 1974. 100 Coronas, as the coins are dubbed, are minted of .900 fine (21.6 karat) gold, and each coin contains 0.9802 troy ounce of gold.*


The obverse of the Corona 100 Gold Bullion Coin bears the profile of Franz Joseph I, who served as Austrian Emperor from 1848 to 1916. The reverse displays the Austrian Coat of Arms, a double eagle with crown. The edges of the Austrian 100 Corona is lettered Unitis Viribus (“With United Forces”), the personal motto of Franz Joseph I and later the name of the first Austro-Hungarian dreadnought battleship of the Tegetthoff class.

Austrian 100 Coronas are no longer minted and, therefore, are neither advertised nor promoted. As a result, Austrian 100 Coronas are among the lowest premium gold bullion coins available. Investors who want a good buy on gold can buy these coins with confidence. Austrian 100 Coronas are well known to all gold bullion coin dealers.


Coin Weight Diameter Purity
0.9802 oz.* 33.8753g 35.0 mm .9000
*Note: Austrian 100 Coronas contain slightly less than a Troy ounce of gold.


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