British Sovereign Gold Bullion Coin (Georges)


Silver Trading Company is pleased to offer British Sovereign Gold Coins, sometimes referred to as "Kings." They are nickel-size 22 karat gold bullion coins that were struck worldwide at the height of the British Empire.

First introduced in 1816, the British Sovereign Gold Coin came to be the world's most widely distributed gold coin at the turn of the last century, as the British Empire grew. Minted in Pretoria, Bombay, Ottawa, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, hundreds of millions of Sovereigns were struck at their peak of distribution in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

These timeless gold pieces were indeed the world's "coin of the realm," trusted everywhere for their pure gold content and secure backing by the English crown. As daily trading gold pieces and stores of monetary value, they were---and still are---unsurpassed. In fact, Sovereigns are so universally accepted that they were included in the survival kits of American pilots during World War II and Desert Storm.


The obverse portrays the reigning monarch when the coin was struck (the sovereign, hence, the name), while the reverse portrays designer Benedetto Pistrucci's "St. George Slaying the Dragon."

Note: While the coins featured several different monarchs during their rules, the Sovereigns we have greatest access to depict King George V. These coins are also known as “Georges.”


Content Weight Diameter Thickness Purity
0.2354 oz. 0.2568 22.05mm 1.52mm .917


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