The press has spent endless hours debating how to deal with pirates lately.  It is obvious that the scoundrels do not respect our private property rights and want to make their living from plundering others.  Of course, pirates usually set up an opportunity to ambush their unsuspecting prey before pouncing upon them.  In recent days, there must have been some collusion with the government because it was fully aware of the commission of dastardly acts and made no attempt to stop them.  Some have even suggested that the government is sharing in the ill-gotten gain and therefore has a vested interest in allowing the piracy to continue.


I for one think a naval blockade might be effective.


However, I doubt the U.S. Navy would place its warships in the Hudson River to protect the rest of the United States from the Wall Street pirates.  (While I am not insinuating that the navy is in collusion with the Wall Street pirates, I have grave suspicions about everyone else in Washington, D.C.)


Somali pirates?  They’re just an annoyance and a sideshow. They only ask for a measly million dollars every now and again.  That amount could easily fit in a single briefcase.  Meanwhile, the Wall Street pirates are making off with $10 trillion or so.


The Wall Street pirates, I am afraid, are going to be a lot harder to repel than workaday pirates because they seem to have already boarded and made off with much of our treasure.  One of their own has even infiltrated our ranks and is now serving as the Secretary of the Treasury!  I am sure that there are others of them among us as well, and it is our duty to root them out and banish them one by one.  Let’s make them walk the plank instead of all of our grandchildren!  We cannot allow them to keep booty that was obtained through treachery.


In the meantime, get some of your assets out of the crooked system before it is too late.  Buy gold and silver and take possession while you still can.  Refuse to participate in the corrupt Federal Reserve System.  Take care of your own treasure.  Arrrgh!

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Since 2001, Larry LaBorde has sold gold, silver, platinum and palladium for investment to clients in the U.S. and around the world through his firm, Silver Trading Company LLC. The firm also offers guidance about metals storage options. We love your feedback! Please email Larry with your thoughts about this article or your questions about metals or storage.

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