How do you select the coins, rounds and bars that you sell?
We sell only investment-grade gold, silver, platinum and palladium produced by mints that produce metals that are widely recognized and readily traded by metals brokers all over the world.

Do you sell or buy numismatics (collectible coins)?
We are not in the numismatics business. We buy and sell based only on the silver or gold content of all items, regardless of their collectibility.

Can I sell my metals to STC?
Yes. There are two options for recognized bars, coins and rounds:

1. We buy any commonly recognized gold, silver, platinum or palladium coins, bars and rounds at very competitive rates. Please email us or phone for a quote.

2. We are happy to facilitate “swaps” when you want to swap your gold bars, coins or rounds for silver bars, coins or rounds (or silver for gold) based on the gold:silver ratio.

Please email us or call with any questions. We will be happy to assist you.

  • Note: We do not buy numismatics (collectibles) other than for their value in metal.

Should I take delivery of my metals?
We think it’s a good idea to take delivery of your metals.

How should I store my metals?
We suggest storing your metals either in a secure storage facility (a vault, not a safety deposit box) or in a well-hidden safe in your home.  You can download our white paper about where to store your gold and silver and our advanced guide to buying a safe.

  • • Please phone us if you want information about off-site storage options.

Can you offer me investment advice?
No. Please consult a registered investment advisor for investment advice.

What is your preferred payment method?
Bank wire transfer. For international orders, bank wire transfer is the only form of payment we accept. This is generally the easiest and most cost effective payment method. Please contact us for more information.

Do you accept direct deposits?
Yes. Please contact us for more information.

Do you accept money orders or certified bank cashier's checks?
We accept money orders or certified bank cashier’s checks only for orders originating in the U.S. for delivery to a U.S. address. The check must be a certified bank cashier’s check, and the check must be sent overnight express. We only accept one check per order (no multiple checks).

Do you accept cash?
Yes, but only under $10,000. Orders must originate in the U.S. for delivery to a U.S. address.

Do you accept electronic checks (ACH payments)?

Do you accept credit cards?

Do you accept PayPal?

Can I use an escrow service to pay you?

Do you accept third-party payments?
No. We cannot accept third-party payments due to provisions in the Patriot Act.

When is my payment due?
Your payment should be sent within one business day. Orders will not be shipped until payment clears.

How secure will my delivery be?
As secure as possible. We use discreet and secure packaging materials when sending your product. The package will not indicate the contents or true value and will be fully insured through a third-party insurance carrier. We send all packages with Signature Required and with Online Tracking when it’s available (online tracking is not available for USPS shipments). We double-box all orders and tightly pack the contents with packing materials to prevent any shifting.

Will you deliver products outside the United States?
Yes. We deliver to most countries.

Are bullion or coin purchases from Silver Trading Company subject to Louisiana sales tax?
Louisiana customers with purchases of $1000 or more
Orders of more than $1000 that are shipped to Louisiana addresses are exempt from Louisiana sales tax. (We don’t do transactions that are under $1000.)

Customers outside Louisiana
Shipments of any amount to U.S. states other than Louisiana are not subject to Louisiana sales tax.

Is Silver Trading Company LLC registered with the SEC or any other government regulatory agency?
Silver Trading Company is not---and is not required to be---registered with the SEC since we do not trade securities. Furthermore, we are not required to register with any other regulatory body.

Is Silver Trading Company required to report my transaction to the government or any other agency?
In general, we are not required to report your transaction to any authority. However, single or related cash transactions totaling more than $10,000 may trigger IRS Cash Reporting requirements. Please contact your tax advisor concerning your particular reporting requirements (for example, reporting of capital gains).

Is the IRS cash reporting requirement applicable to my transaction?
Multiple or related cash transactions totaling more than $10,000 within a 24-hour period may be reportable to the IRS.

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