American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coin


The American Eagle Platinum coin is popular with investors who find the coin's beauty and the purity guarantee of the U.S. Mint irresistible. The obverse depicts the head of America's majestic symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty, while the reverse shows an American Eagle in flight. John M. Mercanti designed the obverse of the U.S. platinum bullion coins.

The American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coin is available in four weights. The metal content of each denomination consists of 99.95% pure platinum. Mintmarks appear on the reverse, but positions vary from year to year; coins have been struck at the Philadelphia and West Point mints.

All American Eagles have a U.S. Dollar face value imprinted, authenticating them as official U.S. tender. The one ounce platinum coin displays the highest face value ($100) ever to appear on a U.S. coin. Their value to investors is not in their face value, however, but in their platinum content.

U.S. Government Guarantee

The American Eagle platinum is unique in that it is the only platinum bullion coin whose weight, content, and purity is backed by the United States Government. Since they require no assaying, these coins have instant liquidity and can be easily converted to cash at any time.


Coin Face Diameter Thickness Purity
1.0 oz. $100.00 32.7 mm 2.39 mm .9995
0.50 oz. $50.00 27.0 mm 1.75 mm .9995
0.25 oz. $25.00 22.0 mm 1.32 mm .9995
0.10 oz. $10.00 16.5 mm 0.95 mm .9995

Face value is in United States Dollars.

Four sizes of this beloved coin are available:

  • • 1 ounce
  • • .5 ounce
  • • .25 ounce
  • • .1 ounce

Eligible for Inclusion in Your IRA

The American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coin is eligible for inclusion in your IRA.


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